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Sydney: The Sydney Opera House Tour
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Discover the stories, history, and magic of Sydney Opera House with a 1-hour long guided tour

Discover the stories, history, and magic of Sydney with a 1-hour long guided tour that takes you underneath the world-famous sails and along and inside the iconic theatres and foyers that bring to life over 1800 performances each year.

  • Step beneath the sails and discover what makes the Sydney so inspiring
  • Explore the building with passionate and knowledgeable guides
  • Step inside iconic theaters and foyers
  • Capture from rare vantage points, off limits to the general public
  • Uncover insider secrets and stories

More than 60 years ago, a young Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, designed what is now considered one of the greatest buildings of all time. It is a work of art that came in existence against impossible odds and went on to become one of the busiest performing arts centers in the world, putting Sydney on the map forever.

On the Sydney tour, you will discover the stories, history, and magic of Sydney Opera House as you follow your friendly guide underneath the sails and into the masterpiece. The is home to 1,000 rooms, 300 corridors, and hundreds of tales and secrets.

Step inside the inspired theatres where more than 1800 performances come to life each year, and learn how Danish architect Jorn Utzon’s groundbreaking design and vision for a world-class performing arts came into existence. You might catch a rehearsal in action, or the crew working on a set.

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